We are on the trail right now. Our tent is an REI Half Dome I think it’s called. It’s awesome and big. If I was going single I would have something smaller but it’s fairly light and quick to set up and a good price.

sleeping bags in REI compression sacks, sheets for hot nights, small women’s back pack style thermarests, Jet Boil stove and fuel (amazing little stove!), accompanying cook pot, two collapsible plastic bowls that fold origami style into a bowl but pack flat, a water filter, iodine tablets, fire starters made from rolled up newspaper soaked in melted paraffin, one spoon each, nalgene bottles, camelbacks, coffee cups, small plastic one cup funnel type coffee dripper and filters. Happy camping. Bring as little as possible b.c all gear is a burden on the trail.
We basically have 2 bowls, 2 spoons, a stove and pot, tent and bedroll.


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