I’m cracking through a layer of ice to get water for coffee. I have a fire going and Samantha is still tucked inside the tent. We huddle around the fire but soon the sun is up and the meadow is warm. We lounge around in the dried meadow grass and pine needles in celebration of the warm sun.

On our way out of Happy Camp we stop at a natural spring and fill up our water bottles. We are back into the Oregon forests for most of the day. At some point we follow the power lines. Then we ride on a raised double track like a train grade or a pipeline but narrow and winding. It pitches away on both sides and is so narrow I can’t look down at the gps l or in my mirrors for samantha.

Late in the day we come out of the forest into the little town of Silver lake. There’s one little motel but it’s full. We could camp but last night was so cold and we’re cold now. The lady at the market makes a call to someone named Butch who has a place but it’s between rentals and hasn’t been cleaned yet. I hear the lady say, “they’re motorcycle people” and just like that Butch sets us up. Ahh the great moto fraternity. The place is actually pretty clean and we have a great time cooking and watching TV in the cozy little wood cabin.

Butch just asks us to leave money when we leave. I am a great fan of Butch and all the trusting people of this world who refuse to believe the television and hold up their faith in humanity. There is actually a few hundred dollars on the counter from the last renters so we just add our money to the pile and head out the next morning.









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