We got a late start this morning. We changed the oil in the motorcycles last night but had some finishing touches to take care of. We bolted the skid plates back on, oiled and installed our air filters, cleaned and oiled our chains, added distilled water to the WR’s radiator and then decided to wash both bikes. The ranger kept coming by and asking us to go pay and we had to keep putting him off. The bikes were in pieces and there were drops of oil on his white cement but he let us slide. He told us he has two teenage girls at home and he’s ready to crack at any moment. It looked more like he might cry then crack. I got the feeling all the girls pick on him. He told us he loves riding. Wants to take a big dual sport and explore all the back roads of America. But he’s given up on his dreams. His wife told him he’s too old and fat and would just kill himself.

We finally leave the State Park and Mountainburgh behind. The trail climbs steeply out of the valley until we are looking down on the little town below. We are off for another day of riding with fresh oil, headed for the Oklahoma border.









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