Yesterday’s riding was the most technical I’ve ridden on a dirt bike. The Ozark’s and it’s diverse terrain said goodbye with a lot of twists and turns laden with gravel, rocks, and fallen branches and finally a quarter mile stretch of downhill boulders to navigate through. Somehow I kept the bike upright as I weaved in, out, and over and down the cliff to join Han at the bottom. The bike takes it with grace while my heart is beating louder than the engine.

My riding improves daily as we move along. It’s hard to believe I picked a bike up for the first time a little more than a month ago but now it feels natural. I drop it side to side as the turns yield and shift my weight, figuring out how to tame the beast. I rode without my backpack on yesterday which contributed to my success in the downhill terror. I like having my camelback for water but I feel so much lighter and cooler with it off.

Dust flies all around me as we drive through the dry terrain but it feels natural to be a part of the elements. In a car you are enclosed in an air conditioned world but on the motorcycle you are a part of your surroundings, really sensing the environment as you pass it.

With a fresh clean air filter and new oil we are ready for the last part of Arkansas and beginning of Oklahoma!






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