We are finally camping again and it feels so natural. No television or check out times. No Wendy’s or Waffle House. No loud grounds keepers yelling outside our motel room. Just peace, our cookstove, and our tiny collapsable home.

We are the only people here this morning at Redding Campground in the Ozark National Forest. The historical Oark General Store and Cafe is about 10 miles back and we wish we could have eaten there but they were closing as we came through. They were nice enough to turn the pumps on though and we are eternally grateful!

Our campsite is right on the Mint River. The rock cliffs meet the water seamlessly and from my level, stooped on a rock at the river’s edge, I can see the sun reflect the water on to the rocks. The forest is about 15 feet up from the jagged edge, a young forest already feeling the transition to fall.

I can feel the season changing as we climb to higher elevations. Leaves speckle the ground and bits of yellow scattered in the branches reflect the sun in to my eyes. Soon oranges and reds will join and the ground will be covered. But by then it will be winter in the Rocky Mountain passes for us.



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