We got a late start from the Botel, one time barge now motel, mostly bc it was so nice we didn’t want to leave.
After crossing the river we were right back on dirt roads and little country lanes. We road under a RR trestle and over a creek on a little plank bridge, one of many.

We met Sam at the motorcycle dealer in Corinth. The place is huge and has a great collection of old bikes and a few new ones too. Sam was gracious and supportive of our adventure and even bought us lunch. We found out in addition to the folks from New Zealand about two days ahead is a man from Germany one day ahead and More people behind us!

After lunch we ran another 80 miles into Albany and the Econo Lodge. The riding was great with lots of loose dirt and gravel roads and one section of deep sand. Folks waved at us the whole way. We even ran into someone from the motorcycle shop unwinding after work on a Honda 650.

The riding was a blast with lots of tight curves and rollers.







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