Here’s some pics of the motorcycle racks we made. PVC is easy to work with but a little flexy. I probably could have put a cross piece between the two racks and above the rear tire to stiffen her up. So far these racks are working great. Including the side dry bags our whole rack system for both bikes was probably under $100.

After riding coast to coast off road on these racks they did the job but not without a lot of tweaking, repairing and general hassle. They worked for us because of our limited budget. One of the main upgrades I’m looking forward to are sturdy racks that are easy to pack and unpack. One of the biggest drawbacks to these racks is that you have to remove the entire dry bag to pack and unpack and then you have retie it to the motorcycle everymorning. It was a huge time sink. I think top loading luggage that is easy to get in and out of would be far preferable to these.

One of the benefits of these racks is that we could fix them on the fly with parts available at any hardware store.







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