We are finally on our way! After months of planning, building racks, skid plates, researching and buying bikes, logistics, blah, blah we are on the TAT!

We had a nice chat with the the owner of the awesome adventure rider moto shop in Tellico Plains and a great lunch at Tellico Grains bakery before heading off to the start of the TAT and got immediately lost. It was pretty comical doing loops through town while the GPS kept leading us to dead end roads.

The trail plunged us right into a deep dark forest double track. We climbed and descended on this winding fun road. we had to stop and Stow our phones and cameras before the four watercrossings in this first section. All of them were deep but on a nice gravel bed except for one. The owner of the moto shop warned us about it and even showed us pictures. It was a bit tricky because the bedrock makes for some nasty grooves.

All in all it was a great first day with lots of dirt and winding back roads through Tennessee. We took our time so we could sight- see safely and wave at all the horses, cows and chasing dogs. The dogs had me thinking about a handlebar operated, boot mounted mace spray. But most dogs are just having fun and don’t really want to eat us. Our motocross boots are also reassuring.

We spent the afternoon with me leading on the GPS Nuvi 500 and Samantha using Sam Correro’s roll charts. We found both to be very useful.

We ended our short first day at the Gee Creek campground which was right on the river. Hot showers were a nice finish to a great ride. I also used The roll charts to find a convenience store and we ended our day drinking cold beer next to a roaring fire.




2 thoughts on “On Our Way: The Trans America Motorcycle Trail

  1. Nice blog! No details on who you or your lady are, that would be nice! Why did you do this, etc. Where R U from, etc. Please visit “http://wanderonahonda.co.uk/” with Ed and Rachel. Look forward to reading more. I did see UR 5 year tribute, and it upset me so much I could not finish! I am so sorry on ur loss! Should not happen to anyone til they have had a chance to see their grandchidren (so sad)! Good luck on future endeavors.

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